Staff Prediction: GVSU vs Wayne State

The Fall Classic is here as the Lakers take their show semi-on the road to Fifth Third Field. It is there that they will face dangerous tailback Joique Bell and the rest of the Wayne State Warriors, here's how GVReport sees the game turning out.

Kyle Schwerin
GVSU should be looking to come out firing in Comstock Park for their Fall Classic at 5/3 Ballpark...after all, they have to give the downtown GR attendees something to watch and get impressed by. That IS the point of this game, right GVSU Athletics?

With that said...I anticipate GV getting up in this game very early, but letting Wayne hang tough on the back of Joique Bell, possibly the best running back in division 2 football. Joique should get his, but Wayne State will probably get shut down through the air with Brandon Carr patrolling the right field foul line...err...half the outfield...err...half the football field.

The x-factor if this happens to be a close game might end up being the infield dirt if it hasn't been sodded for this game. If my assumptions are right, there isn't a player on either GVSU or Wayne who has played football on dirt before, so that could spell trouble, especially in the kicking game, for whatever team is going towards the south endzone.

As usual...the GV defense shows up, and the GV offense just out-talents the Wayne defense en route to a big victory. Powder blue power, baby.

GVSU - 52
Wayne State - 21

Allen Trieu
This Grand Valley offense has been very impressive this year and after the way the whole team played against Michigan Tech, I think the Lakers will win this one with some ease.

Of course, things are never easy when Mr. Bell is in the backfield and actually, Wayne State has a pretty good cast of skill players. But one guy can't beat you, he can make it more competitive, but he can't beat a team like GV alone. Especially since he doesn't play defense. The Laker offense should hit a few big "homers" early and not allow the Warriors to just run Bell and eat up clock.

GVSU - 48
Wayne State - 13

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