Staff Prediction: GVSU at SVSU

The Battle of the Valleys renews itself again today. Once again, GVReport breaks the game down and gives you our prediction on the outcome of the game.

Some bad blood is left over from last year's meeting when Grand Valley dominated the game and pulled the starters, only to see Randy Awrey leave his first string in to put up some points and make the game respectable. I'm sure Coach Martin didn't forget about that, so if he gets a chance, this game could get ugly.

Some people think this will be the biggest test of the year for Grand Valley, but I think the talent difference is just too big for this to be any different than any other game this year. Saginaw Valley has a fantastic group of linebackers in Jason Kelly, John Jacobs, and Mike LeVand, but the secondary is skeptical and that's where GV succeeds. Iciek should have a field day against Saginaw, while Dougherty's floating deep ball might have some problems against Brandon Carr and Bill Brechin.

Grand Valley State - 48
Saginaw Valley State - 13

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