GVR Interview: Brandon Carr

The GVSU defense has been strong this season and once again, one of the key performers has been senior cornerback Brandon Carr. A stalwart over his Laker career, GVReport caught up with him to get his thoughts on the season thus far, the NFL scouts eyeing him closely and much more.

KS: Great win versus Ferris. An interception near the beginning of the game and locking down the corner as usual. The announcers said there were a couple NFL teams in attendance...how is that situation looking for you? Any interest shown so far? Heard anything about post-season senior bowl games yet?

BC: I really try not to get too caught up in all of that NFL talk for now. Just about all of the NFL teams have sent scouts to our practices. I just hope that my play on the field will be enough to allow me to continue playing next year. As far as the senior games I have only gotten a questionnaire from the D2 game.

KS: You've said don't look at the stats when people are looking at your performance. Do you ever get frustrated when you don't have the numbers to back up your game because the opposing teams just plain aren't throwing to your part of the field?

BC: It is kind of frustrating at times but I am a team player and a win is better than any individual stat.

KS: How would you compare this year's defense to last year's?

BC: This year's team has more depth and experience at every position. The same players have been playing with each other for the past four years.

KS: Is there anyone on defense who you feel isn't getting the recognition that they deserve?

BC: Ryan Gaydosh has been a big impact on the run game. Considering the size of our past defensive tackles he is doing a great job clogging the middle up.

KS: Are there any freshmen this year who you've taken under your wing in practice to get them ready for when they're on the field?

BC: Dominique Darden, I think if he gets bigger, stronger, faster, and a lot more aggressive he will make a name for himself here at GV.

KS: Toughest receiver you've had to cover this season? Over your college career?

BC: I think SVSU has a pretty solid receiving core and this week I will have to bring my A- game. I learned a lot from Eric Fowler during our practice battles and I think if it weren't for him I would not be the corner I am today. Marshall from Delta State was a pretty good receiver as well.

KS: Your favorite game over your career based on your own personal performance?

BC: I think my best game was last year's championship against Northwest Missouri St. Univ. They tried to pick on me in the 2nd quarter down by their endzone. They tried to throw a hitch route on the goal line and I knocked it down and then two players later they threw it my way again and I picked it off. Too bad I fell down though!

KS: What national title has meant the most?

BC: The 2006 national title meant the most because it was the most challenging out of the two and I had put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at a top level and I did. We didn't have any easy games like in 2005 against East Stroudsburg and it's hard repeating especially beating the same team (NWMSU) back-to-back.

KS: Did the defense as a whole this year feel any pressure at the beginning of the season with all the new skill position players stepping in this season on offense?

BC: No, we know it takes the offense more time to gel and get their timing down than the defense because on the defense you just run around and cause havoc.

KS: Next game is at Saginaw Valley. GV has dominated the game the last couple seasons. Is it still treated the same way now as it was back in 2003 when the 2 teams were undoubtedly both among the best in the country? Has it lost any luster now that SVSU isn't the perennial power that they were?

BC: To us players the game hasn't lost any luster. SVSU has only lost two games and they are going to be the toughest opponent we have yet to face. They are competitors and we always get their best game. SVSU is a hard place to play and they take pride in playing at home.

KS: You've been around for the battles with North Dakota. It's their last year in Division 2, do you want another game with them come playoff time? Lots of fans like to say that UND/GVSU has turned into a rivalry much like Ferris or Saginaw. Agree?

BC: To be honest, we really do not care who we play. We are up for any team. The thing about us is that we love to play the game of football and we just love to be out there competing. UND/GVSU has turned into a competitive rivalry. We know that we are always in for a battle when we face each other in the playoffs.

KS: What we>re your thoughts on the Ashland game? Would you have liked to stick around and play that game?

BC: That was a long weekend, starting from the long drive to Ashland and the weather delays. We wanted to finish the game, especially on defense, we wanted to redeem ourselves because we were not playing too good.

KS: Want to make any predictions for the rest of the season? In other words...any plans for Florence yet?

BC: No predictions, just take it one game, one play at a time, giving it our all.

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