GVR Interview: Kirk Carruth

It has been a long road for Kirk "Mac" Carruth. A high school quarterback on a talented Saginaw team, Carruth is now a standout linebacker for the Lakers. Find out all about his recruiting journey to Allendale, his thoughts on the season and how GVSU would match up with teams from higher divisions.

KS: What was your recruiting experience like? How were you contacted? Did you go through the process with any high school teammates?
KC: My recruiting experience was ok while in high school,coming from Saginaw High, i was contacted just by coaches always falling into the building daily.

KS: What other schools were looking at you?
MAC schools wanted me to play LB but i wanted to play safety, and pretty much the whole GLIAC wanted me. It came down to Grand Valley and Southern Illinois.

What was it in the end that made you choose Grand Valley?
KC: Grand Valley was an easy choice for me because it was only 2 hours from home opposed to 8 1/2 hours SIU, we were #1 in the country in D2 and my twin cousins (who I grew up with and are like brothers to me) played here at the time.

KS: Do you ever wish you had went to a bigger school? A 1-AA or 1-A?
KC: No. i dont wish i had went to a bigger D1 or another school because not to many other schools have experienced the success that we have here at GV. I think about it sometimes but I'm happy that I made the right decsion on coming here and not thinking it was JUST D2 and i was better than the people here.

How do you think GV would compete against the lower D1 schools?
KC: I know that we can compete with the lower level D1 teams, and i have the confidence in our team that we can compete with better D1 teams also, the only thing maybe that they have on us is depth, injuries can take a toll in football.

KS: Are there any freshmen this year that you've been teaching or looking over that you think will make an impact in the coming years?
KC: Not really teaching but we have 3 freshmen LB's Blair Hollis, Andre Thomas, and Brad Howard will be some players that will be making their mark for GV in the near future.

KS: What does this year's defense as a whole do better than last year's defense?
KC: This years D is deeper than last years, and we have been playing together for the past 3 years, so we can do a little bit more than past defenses.

KS: Are there any players on the defensive side of the ball who you feel don't get the recognition that they deserve?
KC: Bill Brechin, Ryan Gaydosh and Jake McGukkin are some players that are All Conference players that might not get their just due.

KS: Looking back on your career so far, which game is the one that comes to mind based on your own personal performance?
KC: Michigan Tech this year personally, but 05 and 06 Championship games are also great because we won the title.

KS: Who or what, over your college career, has been your toughest assignment in a game?
KC: Northwest Missouri State has been the toghest team we've played because they're so balanced and unpredictable.

KS: Looking towards the playoffs...lots of people feel that until beaten, GV should be the consensus #1 and have the #1 spot in the region, do you feel the same? Or do you think it's fine that GV may go into the playoffs as the #2 team in the Northwest?
KC: We're not in charge of playoff seedings, we're just in charge of playing the games. The NCAA handles that and we have to deal with wherever we have to go.

KS: North Dakota has turned into somewhat of a rivalry with GV in the playoffs, do you want another game with them before they head off to D1?
KC: North Dakota is a great program but we dont care who we have to play, we have had some great battles over the years but who knows, we have to win and they have to win for us to play again.

KS: Have you heard about anything as far as post-season all-star games or a future as a pro?
KC: No I haven't heard anything about allstar games or the next level but those thing will happen if they happen, we are focused on finishing this season right and trying to win every game we are scheduled for.

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