GVRamblings: The Game, Recruits Spotted, etc.

Most Laker fans assumed it was off to Omaha, but as the dust cleared at the end of Saturday, events shook out just right for Lubbers Stadium to host one more game this year. Here are GVReport's observations on the UND game, some recruits we saw and a look ahead to Central Washington.

The game was a little sloppy, did the Lakers get complacent? Maybe a tad, but they turned it on, especially the defense when UND made their run. Anthony Adams showed why he's an All-American, as he made several big plays. The week off may have contributed to some of the ball handling and penalties, but the long snapping situation needs to improve if the team is to continue to move through the playoffs.

A lot of questions about the kicking situation, in particular, whether or not the Lakers should have gone for it on 4th down late in the game up only seven or try the field goal. You have to see if from head coach Chuck Martin's point of view: the kickers have been inconsistent all year (and game as an extra point was missed), the offense had some big conversions on 3rd and 4th down earlier in the game, so what was the higher percentage play? I'll side with Chuck and say the offense. The concern though? If it happens down the road that there is a situation where a field goal is needed to win the game at the end, is there confidence in the kickers and have the kickers themselves lost any confidence? Hopefully we won't even have to find out.

Those were the concerns, but there were tons of positives. Even with the wind and the cold, Brad Iciek seemed to grip the ball well and threw some clutch passes. The receivers caught the ball well in the cold too. Blake Smolen continued his excellent season as Mr. Versatility ran the ball well and also got behind the UND a couple times, him and Iciek narrowly missed both times, but teams are going to have to respect the deep ball. Watching the Missouri game last night with both of their big tight ends, I couldn't help but think GVSU features the D2 version of that duo with Blasko and Mathews, those guys were clutch yesterday.

Central Washington kept the Lakers from having to travel to Omaha, but do not tread lightly with this team. Their QB Mike Reilly has over 3000 yards and 27 touchdowns and RB Johnny Lopez has 13 on the ground, so this team has some balance on offense and can put up points. They were 10-2 this year, and their two losses? Nebraska-Omaha, earlier in the year which they avenged and North Dakota. The Fighting Sioux defeated them 35-28 at UND early in the season.

Now, recruits aren't allowed to be given playoff tickets, but any of them that want to buy their own ticket and come are fine. That is legal. There were a lot of varsity jackets around, we're still working hard on id-ing and confirming some of the names, but initially, head to the Lubbers Stadium board for a few names and one interesting non-recruit sighting:

UND Game: Recruits Spotted and one non-recruit

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