Blasko Addresses Rumors

Rumors have been swirling that junior tight end Scott Blasko might not be on the team next year. So naturally, GVReport went straight to the source and got the story straight from Blasko himself. We also talked about the expanded role of the tight end in the Laker offense.

Scott Blasko's stats don't really tell the story. The junior tight end had 185 yards and one receiving touchdown this season, but his contributions were much greater. He had several clutch catches and 3rd and 4th down conversions in the Lakers' playoff run.

It was plays like those that have Laker fans concerned about rumors of Blasko not returning to the team next year. With him being 26 years old and a history of injuries, the rumors were easily believable, but not to Blasko himself.

"I'm planning on playing next year," he reported, "I don't may much attention to rumors. The coaches know what I'm going to do and I know what I'm going to do."

Last season, Blasko dealt with knee and ankle injuries that allowed him to only play in three games. Staying healthy was just one of the reasons this season was an enjoyable experience for him. It was also his teammates and the comradery he has built.

"It is all the same," he said of being the oldest player on the team, "being part of a team, everyone is together. In my experiences in sports and the millitary, you get attatched to the group, it's kind of like an extended family. This year was great too because I stayed healthy were last year I was hurt."

Blasko's big plays during the playoffs coincided with the Lakers' increased usage of him and John Mathews. Now that the team knows they have two great tight ends to count on, a slight shift in philosophy may be on the horizon.

"I'd imagine we'll be used more," Blasko said, "now that the coaches know we can catch. Well, they always knew we could catch, me and John, we did fine in practice. We showed them we can make plays in practice and we kind of had to earn that trust and we did well down the stretch so I'd imagine we'll be even more of an option next year."

In football, with injuries, transfers, academics and even military service, next year's are never guaranteed. For Blasko, it has been quite a journey and Laker fans can sleep easy with the knowledge that the journey will continue for one more year.

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