GVR Interview: Andrew Biedenbender

Andrew Biedenbender was one of the state's best offensive linemen this past year. He had several Division 1 teams make offers to him. So how did he end up at Grand Valley? Find out this and much more about the Laker commit.

Zero sacks allowed, that's what Andrew Biedenbender accomplished as a senior. The Mount Pleasant offensive tackle did not allow a sack in 298 passing attempts. That was good enough to earn him 1st team All-State honors. The Lakers of GVSU are happy to have him onboard and we caught up with him to get his recruiting story.

So what was it about GVSU that made you decide to go there?
It was only two hours away, so the location was a big thing for me. All the other D2 schools were at least 3-4 hours away and also there's a great football history there with all the national championships, you know you're going to go there and win and compete for national titles.

Which other schools were recruiting you?
I had an offer at Western Michigan, but another kid took it before I did. Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan offered me greyshirts and Michigan State recruited me. Also, Michigan Tech, Ashland and Northwood.

What made you decide not to take the greyshirts?
I felt like I wanted to play right earlier and with that you have to be out of football for a whole year and I felt like maybe I would lose some of my skills. Even if I redshirt at Grand Valley, I'll still get to practice with the team.

How many years of varsity did you play at which positions did you play?
I played two years, right tackle my first and then left tackle.

Where do you plan on playing in college?
They said I'll play tackle, but we don't know if it will be right or left yet.

Did you visit the school for a game this year? What did you think of the atmosphere?
I was there for the first playoff game against North Dakota. The school is great, I like how the campus is all in one area. The atmosphere...I didn't think it was going to be like that for a Division II schools. It was a cold day and there were still a lot of people there. It was great.

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