Past Experiences Prepared Adams for NFL Quest

Grand Valley has several players who will get a shot in the NFL this year. None was more important to the team recently than linebacker Anthony Adams. However, when it comes to the pros, there are questions about his size and ability to translate his game to the next level. It isn't the first time Adams has had to fight for a spot though and it certainly won't be something that stops him.

Chuck Martin said something during this year's recruiting press conference that accurately represented the recruiting world. In the inexact science of evaluating high school football players, many fall through the cracks. As the media was being treated to highlights of all the athletes coming in on scholarship for the Lakers, Martin reminded us there would be walk-ons and late joiners who could make an impact as well.

"Anthony Adams wouldn't have been on this tape the year he came in," Martin said.

He wouldn't have, but four years after a walking on as a running back, Adams leaves as one of the best linebackers in Laker history. Unfortunately, in the NFL Draft, just as in recruiting, measureable physical attributes often take precedent over accomplishments. In scouts' eyes Adams' 357 career tackles dwindle in comparison to his 5'11 height.

"The so called experts have pretty much have counted me out," Adams said, "claiming I'm too small and will never make it, which is something I love on some of the stuff you read about on D2 boards because they haven't even seen me play. I like that everyone has counted me out, I think it keeps me grounded and hungry to prove that two inches doesn't make a football player."

Adams has been at GVSU training for the draft with fellow NFL hopeful Brandon Barnes. He had a chance to speak with several teams at the Cactus Bowl and while most draft analysts have all but written off the All-American, he knows all he needs is an opportunity.

"I'm just hoping for a legit shot at a camp and go from there," he admitted, "The last time a team did that and gave me a chance, I struck fire with and turned in to an All-American and two time championship winner. I've had an uphill battle with football the whole time so being an underdog has been what I've thrived on for these last couple of years. I wouldn't want to have it the easy way."

What Adams does bring to the table is a world of starting experience and in big games. He has good instincts, is a sure tackler and of course, he has great work ethic.

If all the hard work and dedication pays off and Adams does indeed make an NFL roster, he certainly won't rest on his laurels and become complacent. However, there will be a certain sense of relief and accomplishment.

"To tell you the truth I really don't know how it will feel other than to say God is good. I think it would be more satisfying to say I earned every penny and every snap I played. Nothing was given so I think it would be an incredible feeling and accomplishment."

The NFL Draft is on April 26 and 27, stay tuned to GVReport for more on Grand Valley's draft hopefuls.

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