Waiting For the Call

A perpetual underdog, Brandon Carr went from lightly recruited to an All-American at Grand Valley. He still struggled to shed that tag heading into draft workouts as there were questions on his speed and level of competition. After outstanding workouts pushed his draft stock up, all Carr can do now is sit and wait for that faithful call.

All of a sudden, Brandon Carr has been popping up on "sleeper" lists in newspapers and on the internet. Anyone who had seen any GVSU games knows he did not just come out of nowhere. On second thought, maybe he did. While Flint Carman-Ainsworth has produced some big time recruits, Carr wasn't one of them.

"I didn't get a lot of offers," he said, "I was what you'd call a late bloomer. Central Michigan showed me the most interest but their whole coaching staff got fired and GVSU was a good fit for me."

While in Allendale, Carr proved the schools who passed over him wrong and became a two time All-American. Still, scouts questioned his speed and level of competition. In preparation for workouts, he went off to Chicago and trained with speed trainer Tom Christian.

Again, he proved the doubters wrong as he ran a 4.43, ironically, at Central Michigan's pro day. If that wasn't enough, he did 17 bench reps and vertical jumped 35-inches. Instantly, he went from a projected free agent to possibly going as high as the 6th Round.

"I was confident going into it," he stated, "people were doubting me but I had been running 4.4s since my sophomore year, so I had to go out, get it one more time and it was a sigh of relief, an ‘I told you so' kind of thing."

Carr has worked out and interviewed with several teams including Jacksonville, Kansas City and Cincinnati. Teams like his size (6'0, 205), aggressiveness and he has now proven his speed. He also is competitive and has shown teams that he is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team.

"Being an underdog, you have to go the extra mile," Carr said, "you have to do the extra things. I played special teams all four years. You've got to be on point at all times because you only have a couple chances to show yourself."

He has made the most of his chances and now, there is nothing he can do but wait. Sunday, he plans to be at home, joined by family and friends for dinner and of course, watching the draft on TV.

"I don't know really know what the feeling will be," he responded when asked about having his name called, "I think I'll smile and hold my family members and be happy as well as focused on the next step which is getting into camp and working hard."

Maybe this time around, people will learn not to doubt him.

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