GVSU Camp Report: Quarterbacks

GVSU hosted it's annual summer camp last week and the position with the most talent was under center, where several top instate prospects were on hand and had nice performances. Here are GVReport's notes on each.

Nader Furrha, Senior, Ann Arbor Pioneer
Furrha was the top overall prospect at the camp. He has a rocket arm, so much so, that many of the receivers had trouble catching his passes. He admits to taking something off his lasers in games, but he was letting loose at the camp at it was fun to watch. The holdup on him with many other schools is his height (5'11), but he is also a fine athlete (4.62 forty) and has enough tools to make up for his size. Could he play another position too? Sure. Will he have to do that? My money's on no.

Kyle Partlo, Senior, Midland Dow
Partlo and Furrha actually raced at a recent camp and Partlo was right behind him and says he has run as fast as a 4.61. He showed his athleticism in the shake drill, nearly breaking the ankles of a couple would-be defenders. He threw a nice ball, he has real nice touch and a good, smooth release. At 6'2, he was the tallest of the quarterbacks in the top group. He too could play another position but might not have to.

Kyle Nichol, Senior, Lowell
Nichol is one of the state's best pure football players. The question right now seems to be how he fits into a college system. He has a good arm, textbook mechanics and plenty of football savvy, but at about 5'9, he'll need the right school to be able to stay under center. He is a good athlete too, good enough to play another position? Hard to say as he hasn't worked out at other positions, but that is something schools will have to decide with him. One thing's for sure, he'll pass for a lot of yards and touchdowns and not many interceptions this season, that still counts for a lot.

Chris Cagle, Senior, Hartland
Cagle was a tad shorter than I expected (he's listed at 6'2). He threw a very nice deep ball though. The one thing was that they often had too much air and hung up, but this improved markedly the second day. He also on the second day, showed the ability to zip in routes that needed to be gunned to go along with his touch passes. With the way the Lakers like to throw the ball up to their athletic receivers, Cagle would seem to be a good fit.

Nick Freeman, Senior, Gaylord
Freeman was one of the state's top statistical passers a year ago. At this camp, you could see some of why that was. He throws a nice, catchable ball. His arm strength was not as great as some of the other quarterbacks but he was accurate.

Luke Wiest, Junior, Caledonia
A 2010 kid, Wiest started last year for Caledonia had a very impressive season. It was difficult to see his playmaking skills that made him successful at this camp, but you could see the natural arm strength and spin on the ball. He, however, is also about 5'9 and may project to another position if he doesn't have a growth spurt.

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