Kozuch On the Laker Radar

Bay City Western LB Lucas Kozuch was one of the top performers at Grand Valley State's camp, despite not being a household name coming in. We caught up with this sleeper to find out about last season and his thoughts on possibly becoming a Laker.

One of the more underrated prospects heading into this season is linebacker Lucas Kozuch from Bay City Western High School, but that definitely doesn't mean he isn't good. The 6'1" 210-pound linebacker was a force last season, collecting 75 total tackles and seven sacks as a junior on a team run by one of the best defensive head coaches in the state in Jim Eurick.

Kozuch also showed a knack for play recognition, collecting 35 "first-contact" hits last season, which are awarded for being the first defensive player to getto the ball-carrier. To go along with those impressive numbers, he also collected two fumble recoveries, five pressures, two pass blocks, and a punt block. As a sophomore, he had 50 tackles and an interception.

Kozuch is competing for college coaches' attention in the conference alongside fellow seniors, and big names, Andrew Maxwell, Drew Moulton, and Mike Schaaf, but the strong linebacker is already making his ownname this summer during various camps.

An attendee at the recent Grand Valley State University football camp, Kozuch also attended Central Michigan's camp where he admitsthat he got much more attention from college coaches, but also added "The exposure at Grand Valley was good, and the coaches [at the GVSU camp] were allreally down to earth and I liked them a lot." Kozuch got a chance to meet with Coach Martin, Mitchell, and Yoches, and had glowing reviews for all of them.

So far, Kozuch has been hearing from Grand Valley and the aforementioned Central Michigan, but he has also gotten attention from Saginaw Valley and Michigan Tech.

While he didn't get a chance to see the indoor facility in-depth, many of the Laker campers got a sneak preview when the side door came open for a while during camp, and many of them, Kozuch included, were impressed with the little bit that they saw. "It looked really nice in there when they had the door open," Kozuch said, "A lot of the other players commented that it looked good, too."

While the indoor facility continues to get all the attention, the GVSU campus itself still stands as the single best recruiting tool. "The campus was just amazing," Kozuch praised, "First class all around."

This wasn't the first time Kozuch had hit the campus, as he visited in March to talk to coaches and drop off game film, as well as schedule some visits for Laker football games this fall, so we can expect to see more of the linebacker on campus within the next couple months as he gets to take in some of the best football action you can find.

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