Roberts Has Great GV Experience

Grand Valley has had success going down to Illinois and finding talent in recent years. This year seems to be no different as the Lakers already have one commitment from an Illinois product in Tony Stramaglia. Stramglia's friend Jordan Roberts, a quarterback from Aurora Christian, recently visited Allendale and told about the trip.

GVReport: Jordan, what were your general impressions of this trip?
Jordan: It was the second time I've been there, but the first time was more -- we went up there with a friend and just looking around at the school and meeting the coaches. This time it was a lot more fun. I got to see a game and talk to Coach Koehler. I was on the field watching them warm up and I talked to Coach martin for about five minutes. It was a great experience.

Is their style of offense a plus for you?
Oh yes, I would say definitely. They are different in a lot of ways to what we run, we're both pro style and spread and they run a lot of spread. Still, obviously it's a quarterback's dream, all the no huddle and what not. I could see myself in that, we run a little bit of that already.

Who are the other schools you've been recruited by?
The other schools are Drake, Central Michigan, Southern Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Michigan, I think there's a few more.

Have you visited any of those schools?
No I have not. I went to Central Michigan's camp over the summer, but GVSU was first one I've been to.

From watching the game, what did you think of the talent level of the two schools?
I looked out there and they have some very talented players. Looking at rosters, I saw that there's not just Michigan kids, but they have players from Florida and all around. They have some great athletes and really good running backs, they two of them switching off.

With D2 recruiting, I know they don't offer in the same way as FBS schools, but has there been any talk of scholarships or whether or not you could become a Laker?
Yeah, I don't want to say necessarily that they want you, every coach is going to say that. They say to you what you want to hear. I know they only have one scholarship offer to Tony Stramaglia and that's only because the coach knows his dad. They usually don't give out offers during the season, but they wanted me to come back in December and do a workout and go from there.

So you and Tony are friends. How did that come about?
At Maine South, they did a camp for QBs and WRs to come out to and Tony was out there. A kid on my team played baseball with Tony, I met him through that kid and we've kept in touch.

Is he on you about joining him at GVSU?
Oh yes, definitely. When we went there the first time, he kept asking me, ‘did you like it, did you like it, are you going there?' I talked to him when I was there, during the game he called me and asked me how I liked it. He's been pushing me a lot.

You mentioned the tour, did you see the Laker Turf Building?
Oh, it's an amazing thing. This year was our first year having an actual home field and we got turf and it's a great thing. Especially up in Michigan, when it snows, during the winter to actually get things done and go inside.

Jordan's father also had some comments on the trip:
Jordan, his Mom, and I met up with Coach Koehler, and had a brief tour of the indoor facility and was very impressed to say the least. We have visited many schools, from USC, UCLA, CMU, WMU, NIU, Akron, TCU, Notre Dame, UNLV, San Diego State, and more. GVSU was right there.

Jordan was on the field for warm-ups, and spent time speaking with Coach Martin for quite some time. He appreciated him coming over and talking with him, as there were allot of recruits there. His Mom and I just stood in the wings, as we wanted Jordan to spend some time on the field, and mingle with coaches on his own. We headed up to the stands, where the game was great. What a barn-burner to say the least against Ashland. A great intro visit into GVSU.

According to Coach Koehler, GVSU is going to bring Jordan back up in December on an "offical" visit. We will then have a detailed tour of the
campus, meet the academic advisors, and they will work Jordan out, and then we'll see?

To date, Jordan has interest in and/or visits scheduled with Drake, Notre Dame, Cent Mich, ISU, SIU, East. Mich, EIU, West Ill. U, Oregon, some others D2's, with GVSU. Illinois is NOT on the list even though says so. GVSU is strong.

Stay tuned to GVReport for more on Roberts and the other Laker recruits

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