Third Laker Commit Won't Have Far to Go

Grand Valley State picked up their third verbal commiment of the year and from a local player, Allendale wide receiver Andrew Longo.

It is a short ride up Lake Michigan Drive from Allendale High School to Grand Valley State University, but the journey from one to the other, was actually much farther for Andrew Longo.

The Falcons wide receiver committed to GVSU, a commitment that had been in the works since he showed up to their summer camp a relative unknown and left as a prime recruiting target for the Lakers.

"I was offered [Monday] night," Longo reported, "Coach Yoches, told me they think I'm a heck of a player and I've become a better player as I've gone through the program. He said they want to offer me and they know their offers aren't as eye popping as other schools, because they have to try to divvy up the money. I told them GVSU's the place I want to go and it doesn't matter how much you want to give me."

As a junior, Longo was an All-Conference wide receiver, but had to move to quarterback as a senior when injuries hit. He lead the Falcons to an 8-2 record, was the team's offensive MVP and earned All-West honors at Safety along the way.

In college, the 6'2, 170-lber says he will definitely be a wide receiver, but no matter where he is needed, he is happy to be a Laker.

"It's close to home and it's the best D2 football in the nation. On my visits, they always talked about competitive nature and how they use a lot of guys to get the ball in their hands. I think if I work at it, I can contribute."

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