Westendorp Picks Up an Offer

One of the more frequently asked questions over the past month in Michigan has been, who is recruiting A.J. Westendorp? Those who have seen the Holland Christian play have reacted with amazement that more schools have not shown more interest in him. That is changing however and recently, Westendorp picked up his third scholarship offer.

Holland Christian senior A.J. Westendorp had an outstanding season. The 6'2, 210-lb quarterback passed for 40 touchdowns to only three interceptions and lead his team to state championship.

During preparation for that title game, the Maroons were forced to practice indoors due to weather. They did so inside the Laker Turf Building at Grand Valley State University. Recently, the Lakers decided they would like Westendorp to be on campus a whole lot more and offered him a scholarship.

"They gave me a pretty nice looking offer last week," Westendorp said, "I'm still thinking I'm going to take visits to other schools, not because really want to go there, but to make educated decision."

Between his football scholarship and the ones he has earned from being a 4.0 student, Westendorp would be fully covered at GVSU. Soon, he will check out several other suitors to see what else each has to offer.

"North Dakota State, I'm for sure visiting. San Diego State called today, it's just preliminary there, we'll see if something happens. They're looking through my film right now."

NDSU and Saginaw Valley State are the only other two schools who have offered Westendorp. The offer from GVSU comes on the heels of his visit to the school, where he was not able to work out due to a foot injury. After his All-State season, the lack of recruiting interest has surprised many observers, but Westendorp now believes he has an offer to fall back on.

"It's really good to have option where I'm confident," he admitted, "I know GVSU's a good school and a good program. It's somewhere I'm comfortable, so it's good to have a safe place to go. Now I'm just exploring the unknown stuff, just seeing what those kinds of schools have to offer. I don't know what's going to happen with the bigger schools."

So all this leads to the bottom line: where does Grand Valley stand in A.J.'s mind?

"They're pretty high right now. Out of all my offers, they're the place I'm most comfortable. Like I said, North Dakota State -- I don't know much about it and GVSU's a better situation for me than Saginaw Valley. Right now, they're way at top. The only thing that could take them off is some other school that will pop out. None of my offers right now look like the perfect school for me. I don't know if a dream school is out there. But until I find out, right now, GVSU's sitting pretty high with me. They've succeeded and they're close by."

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