GVSU Pro Day

A number of potential NFL players traveled to the Laker Turf Building on the campus of Grand Valley State University today to work out for upwards of 10 different NFL teams. While five GVSU players were on sight, the majority of the players attending were fellow GLIAC players. GVReport was on hand to get results for all the top performers.

Note: All times shown should be considered unofficial.

It's a day that every prospect in college football looks forward to, to prove their worth to National Football League. It was pro day today on the campus of GVSU, where heralded stars such as Dan Skuta, Sam Allen, and Jonn Mathews were in attendance to make their impressions known with the NFL scouts who were on hand, as at least 10 NFL teams were represented at today's event.

For the Lakers performing, Dan Skuta had a very good day, measuring 6'2 1/3" and 249 pounds, notably under his listed 265 pounds, which means his NFL future is going to be at linebacker. Skuta recorded a great 35" vertical and put the bench press bar up 20 times. His timing numbers were a 4.62-second 40-yard dash, a 4.26-second short-shuttle, a 6.84-second 3-cone drill, and an 11.66-second long-shuttle. He got pulled aside for some individual work and did very well, only dropping one pass out of about 50 on the day that he had thrown at him, and showing a great understanding of the drills and some great lateral quickness, sometimes looking like some of the defensive backs.

Sam Allen, a potential offensive tackle prospect, put up 24 reps on the bench and ran a couple 4.89's in the 40-yard dash. He also recorded a 4.54-second short-shuttle and a 7.33-second 3-cone drill. He was also picked for some positional drills and was by far the best lineman at the pro day, dominating the other linemen he was going up against in all the drills that were asked of them.

Corey Edwards was a pleasant surprise for the day, hitting 14 reps on the bench and running a 4.54 and 4.47-second 40-yard dash. He ran a 4.26-second short-shuttle and a 7.12-second 3-cone drill while recording an 11.38-second long-shuttle. During position drills, he dropped a couple passes, but some of them were on balls he had to adjust on as they were thrown behind him on a couple occasions. He showed some great quickness when doing some drills involving change-of-direction, among the top of the group of the defensive backs in that aspect.

Jonn Mathews also worked out, recording a great 32" vertical and putting up 16 reps on the bench press bar. He ran a couple 40-yard dashes, in 4.82 and 4.89 seconds, and recorded 4.47-second short-shuttle, 7.12-second 3-cone drill, and 12.22-second long-shuttle drill times. During positional workouts, he only dropped one pass on a diving attempt, but looked great on the streak routes despite having to make some adjustments on many of the passes.

Among the non-GVSU performers, the guy who stole the show may have been Michigan Tech's defensive back and return specialist Robert Haynes, who first recorded the best vertical jump, going for 38", and then followed that up with a very impressive 26 reps on the bench for his 191-pound build. He then turned on his track speed with a couple 4.33-second 40-yard dashes, the fastest on the day. He also recorded a 4.14-second short-shuttle, a 6.91-second 3-cone drill, and an 11.17-second long-shuttle time.

Another defensive back who showed that his season's statistics were no fluke was Wayne State's Dante Dunn, who recorded two 4.41-second 40-yard dashes as well as a 7.26-second 3-cone drill, a very impressive 3.91-second short-shuttle, and an 11.31-second long-shuttle time.

The best showing from the wide receivers at the camp was from Hillsdale's Aaron Waldie, who ran a 4.47 and 4.54-second 40-yard dash as well as a very quick 3.91-second short shuttle and an 11.52-second long-shuttle.

Waldie's teammate and Grand Rapids native Tom Korte also had a great showing, weighing in at an impressive 236 pounds and putting the bench press bar up 21 times. He ran a couple 4.68-second 40-yard dashes, a 4.12-second short-shuttle, and an 11.94-second long-shuttle.

The other notable performance on the day was from Northwood's Leroy Goulbourne who put up 23 reps of the bar and ran a 4.82-second and 4.75-second 40-yard dash while also recording a 6.98-second 3-cone drill.

Also among the participants that Laker fans may be familiar with were Carl Grimes and Michael McClenney from Saginaw Valley State and Fred Wells from Northern Michigan University.

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