GVR Interview: Darris Sawtelle

GVSU's offensive line received a boost yesterday, when former Tennessee Volunteer Darris Sawtelle signed on to transfer. We caught up with the Michigan native to find out what made him decide to become a Laker.

Darris, let's start at the top. Why did you decide to leave Tennessee?
Mainly, I felt it wasn't a good fit and it was time to change. I felt like a change of scenery, atmosphere and a fresh start would be real good for me.

Who were some of the other schools you considered?
The Citadel, James Madison and Carson-Newman

What about GVSU attracted you to the school?
To be honest, it was the football staff. I'm real excited to play for them. I think I'll learn a lot from them and that sealed the deal, how straightforward the staff was.

What have they told you about where you fit into their plans for this year?
Yeah, they have said that I could probably come in and have an impact on the team and probably at guard or tackle. All that is to be determined by my play.

When will you move onto campus?
The middle of June

Did you know any of the players at GVSU before coming here?
Oh yeah, I've met Alex Ahee a couple times. I've actually known Marc Morrison since middle school. I played with Wojciechowski in high school and Blair Hollis and some of the St. Mary's guys I played against in high school.

So how does it feel to have all this done and know where you're going to have this fresh start?
It's great and I'm glad to be able to do it close to home and the people I care about can see me play football. I'm real happy to be at a great program that wins. If there's better definition of a winning program, I don't know what is. I'm real happy to have a fresh start and a second chance to do all that I can.

Sawtelle is the second high profile transfer the Lakers have received this year, the first being Wisconsin QB James Stallons.

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