Friday Morning Quarterback

A young GVSU team faced some adversity and a good test in their first game. The Lakers passed it, beating West Texas A&M 34-31. Here are a few observations.

- First off, what a great story Justin Sherrod is. There are guys behind him in Norman Shuford and Hersey Jackson with all the press clippings and past scholarship offers, and here's Sherrod, starting and starring. The Laker backfield is loaded. I like what I saw from Shuford. He showed you some of the quickness, elusiveness, and explosion that made him a highly recruited guy. We will likely see more of Jackson as the season goes along too.

- How about Kyle McMahon putting his shoulder into a couple linebackers? That's a guy the team can rally around. Shades of Cullen Finnerty as far as doing whatever it takes for that extra yard. McMahon, in his first start, showed he can be the man to lead this team. For as good as he looks, the fact that there was heated competition at the position makes me feel good about Marquel Nesman, Heath Parling and company behind him.

- The Receivers: Greg Gay made a couple of outstanding catches as did Jovonne Augustus. Ryan Bass is a reliable vet, and Israel Woolfolk threw some great blocks. This unit is even better than I thought it would be, if judging just off this game.

- The same could go for the cornerbacks. Michael Hatcher had a very good game, and Reggie Williams did some good things as well.

- Glad to see Erik Thompson doing well out there. His ability in the return game will be huge this year. He gave the Lakers great field position several times and he closed fast on a couple plays defensively.

- I saw Luther Ware play running back in high school and he showed a little bit of that tough running on both of his interception returns.

- I had an e-mail asking me about the Lakers' red zone offense last night. I think they'll improve there. Hersey Jackson will help in that department, and having two fade guys like Augustus and Bass will also be important for those situations.

- That was a great first test. West Texas A&M is a good team with big, fast receivers on the outside. Personally, I think it was great for these two teams to schedule each other first. This was great for a young Laker team to take the best shot of a top 10 team and come away victorious.

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