Manti Te'o Pro Day

Manti Te'o has his Pro Day today, and there are absolutely more questions than answers right now.

Manti Teo had a terrible combine. He knows it. The world knows it. Most of all, the scouts know it. So this day is extremely, EXTREMELY important for him. I mean, 4.82 40? 20th amongst 26 total linebackers?? A slow 3-cone drill and looking slightly overweight? Lennay Kekua aside, there's no pretending that this all didn't happen (sorry I had to).

Mike Mayock, the college football analyst who called most of Notre Dame's games throughout Manti's career, predicts that he'll run in the 4.75 second range (not significantly better than what he ran at the combine.) He also though, doesn't feel like that will really help (or hurt) Manti's stock any. According to Mayock, he'll likely get drafted get drafted towards the end of the first round, which is probably where he was going to go anyway, despite everything that happened after Notre Dame's season ended.

We'll have this updated as the day progresses. Good luck Manti.

Update: Te'o ran unofficially between 4.71 and 4.75. Which is actually pretty disappointing to me. When you're talking 10ths and 100ths of a second it's only impressive when youre running between a 4.3 and a 4.5. When youre running in the 4.8's? It actually seems a little ominous. Tie that into the fact that he was only able to put up 225 21 times on the bench and you really do have to wonder if he's 1. Fast enough and 2. Strong enough to play with guys at the NFL level. I hate to keep beating the dead Alabama game horse, but all of those missed tackles may have had more to do with the types of players he was playing against (future NFL stars) than his stated reason of "off the field distractions." I guess we'll see. Some team will probably still take him in the first round. The question is will they regret it? I'd hate to see yet another player from Hawaii get labelled with the "bust" tag once they make it to the NFL.

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