Getting Excited for Keith Shamburger

Will Keith Shamburger finally give us the quality point guard that we've lacked for so long?

Bobby Nash, Hiram Thompson, Kareem Nitoto, Bobby Miles, Jeremiah Ostrowski, Shaq Stokes, Jace Tavita. Those have been our main point guards over the last 6 seasons. Recognize any of those names? If you've been to the games then you probably do. They were the ones that most frequently followed the chants of "YOU SUCK ____" or "GET OFF THE COURT ____" In fact, to find the last time we had a decent point guard you probably have to go all the way back to 2002-03 (Carl English's last year here and also the last year Lance Takaki was on the team.)

So why can't we find a capable PG? It perplexes me so much. PG is absolutely the most important position for us, mostly because it dictates the tempo of our motion offense. The biggest problem with Jace, for example, is that in addition to never shooting, his favorite play was to dribble up the court and either stop and hold the ball for 8 seconds, or run around frenetically without any sort of clear direction in mind. None of which, mind you, led to smooth offensive positions. Miah wasn't so bad, only he was never a threat to score either. So teams didn't have to account for him that way (though both are the polar opposite of Shaq Stokes who never met a long three pointer he didn't like.) Suffice it to say, Hawaii Basketball has a long suffering, point guard deprived, fan base.

So again, I must ask, is Keith Shamburger the answer? We recruited him in 2010 before he decided to go to San Jose State and he torched us for 14 assists in the last game we played (although he went 1-4 against Hawaii in his career.) His sophomore year at SJSU though, he averaged 13.1 points and 5.2 assists (or 10 more points per game than Jace averaged) and I cannot emphasize enough how crucial a scoring, active PG is to Hawaii's offense. Brandon Spearman and Issac Fotu both bring it 1000% of the time. If a team actually has to guard all 5 UH starters when they are on the floor? Next year's team could absolutely win the Big West. Am I putting undue pressure on him before the season even starts? Probably. But that's what fans do. Truthfully if he's even marginally better than some of those names I listed above I'll be ecstatic. Good Luck Keith!

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