University of Hawaii Football 2013 Schedule

The 2013-14 University of Hawaii Football schedule was released today. And it was a little disappointing.

A few things that jumped out at me about the schedule right off the bat.

No FCS Schools! Finally! I'd gotten so accustomed to seeing the Eastern Illinois' and Youngstown State's of the world on our previous schedules that I had to do a double take to make sure I didn't miss anything. And for those who suggest that maybe UH should move down to their level (and yes, there are those people EVERY season)...youre wrong. Or you're a UH hater. It's one of the two and there isn't an option 3.

The schedule is surprisingly winnable! The game that people might point to as a toughie is USC to start the season but we're playing them at home and they are absolutely reeling under the misguided coaching of Lane Kiffin. If there was ever a time we were going to beat them....this year would be the year. And other then that? No Boise, and Fresno at home. Sounds good to me!

It's finally time to start getting excited about footbal!! Nothing like seeing who we're going to beat down (in my head at least) to really get me jazzed up for the upcoming season. Go Warriors!!

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