John Hardy-Tuliau Update

Catching up once again with John Hardy Tuliau after practice on Saturday.

In case you're wondering, I'm absolutely going to squeeze every drop that I can out of the data I gathered from Saturday's practice. I unfortunately don't have the same regular access as some of the regular guys. (Guys like Dave Reardon and Steven Tsai.) Still I'll make use of what I can!

Anyway, I was able to catch up with John Hardy-Tuliau after practice and chat with him a little more than I did earlier at the basketball game. He expressed the same level of excitement that he did then, although it seemed to me to be more muted insofar as he didn't really get a lot of playing time that day in pads. In fact, none of the regular DB's really did (they spent a lot of time talking amongst each other on the sideline.) Was this to get more reps for the backups? Was it to let them talk strategy? Only the coaching staff knows...and they weren't telling me when I asked.

Back to John. I asked him a bunch of stuff in rapid succession since I only had a few minutes with him. CB or Safety? (Safety). Offense or Defense (Defense). Hardest cover on the opposing side of the ball? (Bubba Poueu-Luna.) Wait. Really?? Bubba?? That one absolutely threw me off. I mean I watched practice. Bubba seemed raw and truthfully, a little tentative. Still, John was adamant. Bubba was his toughest one on one assignment and it wasn't close. So I guess I'll defer to him there (I expected him to say Trevor Davis who just shredded the secondary whenever the ball was thrown his way.) In any case, it's always nice to hear the players believing in each other so strongly. If you believe even a fraction of the rumors towards the end of last season (and look at the basketball team and their ever-revolving door of players, harmony amongst the team isn't always so easy to come by.) Thanks for taking the time John!

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