10 Things I'm Excited For

Now that spring ball has completed, here are a few things that I'm excited for heading into the fall.

1. Taylor Graham. If he could be all 10 things then I'd definitely put him as such. Still, for parity's sake, lets just put him at #1 and say the amount of excited I am for him is miles and miles above the next 9 things that I'm excited for.

2. Revamped Offense. Revamped here might be incorrect. Fine tuned? Adjusted? Experienced? If last season was like running a Honda with a airplane engine, this year is definitely like running the airplane itself. A finely tuned machine? We'll see.

3. Defensive Line. I know that a lot of the starters were hurt this spring. Still their size is unlike anything we've seen since Travis Laboy and Ikaika Alama-Francis were lining up next to one another.

4. Trevor Davis. If the catches he was making in practice were any indication, he's absolutely poised for a breakthrough year. I just hope he can stay on the field and healthy long enough to realize his potential.

5. Tight Ends. I hope that finally with someone competent throwing the ball, that they can get more involved in the offense. It was a shame to have all that talent last year and to have gotten literally nothing out of it.

6. Running Backs. One of our deeper positions, I'm super stoked to see a traditional two back set with a full back (Joey Iosefa) and a running back (Steven Lakalaka) bringing football back to the smash mouth way it is supposed to be played (sometimes).

7. Offensive Line. I'm not sure if this makes me excited...or extremely nervous. Still, they bear watching since as they go...we go.

8. Norm. He faced a lot of criticism with the way the team performed last season so it'll be interesting to see if he can win over the fans. And by that I mean filling up the state sheet with offense in addition to wins. I believe in you Norm!

9. Defensive Backs. They were gashed last year, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt feeling like they played decently enough just gave up a few big plays that made them look worse then they actually were. I also felt like their risks would be lessened if the offense could put together a few drives which I feel like is much more likely this year then last.

10. Tailgating. One of the best parts of my weekend...every weekend.

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