Mountain West Telecast Schedule

If last season wasn't enough of an indication that UH is currently in rebuilding mode, the Mountain West's TV schedule certainly is.

When the initial Mountain West national TV schedule was released on April 23, 2013, Hawaii was not listed there. And as disappointed as I was, I understood. There were only 7 games and Boise St., Air Force and San Jose State occupied the bulk of them. We didn't have a good team (or offense for that matter) and the three listed there were strong.

Today though? Today the Mountain West released the schedule for the remainder of their nationally televised games and of these 15 remaining games, exactly 0 feature UH. So what gives? We're only good enough now, to be relegated to the CBS Sports Network?? (We currently have three games on there, Thursday August 29th against USC, Sat Nov. 2 at Utah State, and Sat. Nov 16 against San Diego State.) It's also important to remember that this is NOT, however, CBS as we know it. It's not the nationally televised, basic cable CBS that features the SEC. It's digital cable channel CBS Sports Network (the equivalent of ESPN U) that not everyone gets and even less people know about.

I really do hope that the MWC regrets this. I hope that they question opening with Tennessee-Martin at Boise to start the season instead of USC at Hawaii. But that might just be the fan in me talking. The tough thing about Hawaii is that under June, even when they were losing they had a good enough offense that networks were willing to take a shot/leap of faith with them (even if they lose, the game will be high scoring and entertaining.) Now? That benefit of the doubt no longer exists. Texas Tech has that now. Hopefully we can get back there soon.

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