USC vs Hawaii Aftermath

Notes and thoughts from Hawaii's opener against USC.

There's no such thing as a moral victory right? There are only winners and losers. Especially in football where it literally is, everything. And yet tonight felt more like a negotiation/settlement resolution than an actual game. People always like to joke, that when attorney's settle a case, they know that they did right by their client when neither party is happy with the terms of what they are agreeing to. That's the whole point of negotiation/compromise. You each give up something that you care about/feel entitled to. For me, in the context of this game, I felt like even though we lost, what our play said about us was so, SO much more significant than what USC's said about them. Afterwards, with the way that their body language sagged, you knew that they had taken some pretty significant blows, both physically and…egotistically. For whatever excuse you wanna make for them (no Silas Redd, no D.J. Morgan, Nelson hurt, not trying hard, not taking UH seriously, etc. etc.) this game felt so much more like USC conceding that UH was far, far better than they thought, rather than USC just winning the game outright. I'm not sure if "dodged a bullet" is the correct term here. Unless some of those bullets that USC dodged circled back around and shot UH's foot at the same time. USC never really got into a rhythm, and things didnt go as they had in the past. There wasn't an inspired UH performance that led to a big first quarter/half lead, followed by a collapse as USC's overwhelming talent rose to the top. No, the game pretty much went the same way the entire time. UH's defense abused USC's offense and then UH's offense turned the ball over a bunch of times, consistently putting a scoring opportunity on a silver platter for SC. So the loss was pretty much a law of averages thing. You can only give the ball up so many times deep in your own territory and rationally expect to win the game (or come close too it.) And yet even despite all this, it STILL felt after the game, like USC was the one that had lost. Alright that's a bit of a stretch. But USC's obviousness was still pretty awesome, as was their pretty blatant refusal to credit UH's outstanding defensive play, instead only referencing how "poor" their offense was. But, I guess did you really expect anything else from Lane here?

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