Hawaii vs. Oregon State

After a tough 14-33 loss to Oregon State, Hawaii has to regroup. Here are a few things we learned from watching the game.

1. It's way, WAY too early to give up on Taylor Graham. The offense has not been moving effectively, but that's in part due to some horrific drops that have been plaguing the team. Three times yesterday, receivers had sure first downs to continue drives, and three times the balls were thrown right between the numbers and three times passes were dropped. Not good. Hopefully that gets better (even really reliable guys like Gant and Haynes were dropping passes.)

2. The defense and the offense have scored the same number of TD's after two games. Also not good.

3. If you're going to play a quarterback, it might be better to see how Woosley can do with the #1's than it would be to go back to Schroeder. He's a fine backup (I think) but his yards were all dump offs with the game way out of hand. The two down-field throws he had were much of the same as last year (one pick and one pass not close to anyone skipped in the end zone on the final play of the game.)

4. We really REALLY miss Joey Iosefa. Lakalaka was getting a lot of preseason hype but is clearly not more than a backup at this point in his career. We've seen some Wily and some Diocemy but neither is outstanding at this point.

5. The team is still very young, and I'm not ready to call it a season yet, but I do think that many people are getting frustrated with Norm (look at the message board for proof). He needs a big game out of the offense to help take some of the edge off. Hopefully he can get it in Reno in 2 weeks.

6. 3 road games to start the year? Tough call man....

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