Hawaii vs. Oregon State

After a tough 14-33 loss to Oregon State, Hawaii has to regroup. Here are a few things we learned from watching the game.

Two steps forward:

Taylor Graham, had more poise in the pocket and more accuracy with his throws. Most importantly at this stage was that he showed good decision making and consistently threw to the open target.

Steven Lakalaka. Sure, if you look at the box score, you'll see a 3.0 ypc average, but on tape, he did enough to earn the starting nod in the next game if Iosefa still isn't ready. There wasn't much room for Lakalaka in-between the tackles, but he did achieve some yards after contact which showed that maybe if given running room, he'll break tackles and get some big yards. While certainly not a burner, he showed good vision around the edges and managed to get some nice gains.

Defense. Like the week before, there were some rough spots, especially against a dynamic player like Storm Woods who had 145 total yards. However, they then were able to contain him after the early 2nd quarter capped by a nice pick-six. However, the defense is mortal and with Oregon State having nearly double the possession time, fatigue became the limiting factor.

One step back:

Inventing an undetectable adhesive. It was a tough day for The Freak Show and the tight ends as they simply let too many passes bounce off their hands and into the turf. To be expected with the youth movement, but simply snuffs out a lot of offensive momentum.

And...time to check the compass: Taylor Graham pulled early in the 4th quarter despite no reported injury and a 19-point differential. Hoping that he is okay as we continue to see him become more accustomed to game speed. Glad to see Coach Chow using all the possession time at the end of the game to give his young team as much real game reps as possible.

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