Hawaii vs. Oregon State

After a tough 14-33 loss to Oregon State, Hawaii has to regroup. As does Special Teams Coach Chris Demarest, who was suspended by the MWC for the Nevada game.

The Mountain West Conference suspended Hawaii special teams and safeties coach Chris Demarest one game for "inappropriate sideline conduct during a loss to Oregon State."

This is, as far as I'm concerned, a fantastic overreaction by the conference. The release issued by the MWC didn't really go into any kind of detail. It only said that he was suspended "under a sportsmanship rule that governs obscene gestures and language toward other people during games." Really? That's it? That's all youre giving us? Why not show us something. Anything! Because Ive watched the video at least 100 times and I don't see anything abnormal.

I mean sure, he made a threatening motion. But he's an intense guy and this isn't anything that doesn't occur in every single college football game of every season. Plus, did you see what Jovan Stevenson did? Apparently the refs didn't, since they didn't even bother to call a foul on him on the play (even if they did suspend him afterwards.) Demarest was just protecting his guy, something that earned him a suspension, but will certainly endear him to his players.

But hey, we finally made ESPN right?: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9659508/hawaii-special-teams-coach-chris-demarest-suspended-one-game-inappropriate-sideline-conduct

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