Hawaii vs. Nevada

Coming off a bye week, Hawaii faces Nevada on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Kickoff is at 8:05 PM EST (5:05 PM EST and 2:05 PM EST). First up? A look at some basic stats.

These two teams are relative mirror images of one another statistically, (with Nevada getting the benefit of both an additional game, and a cream puff opponent in UC Davis to help pad theirs slightly.)

In stats taken from ESPN.com, Nevada is 100th in passing (178.7 yards per game), and 58th in rushing (188.7 yards per game). Juxtapose this with UH who is 92nd in passing yards (189 per game) and 123rd in rushing yards (46 per game) and it seems to be a battle of two fairly offensively inept teams.

It's important to note that a massive amount of Nevada's statistics came in their game against Davis (268 yards passing and 267 yards rushing), both of which were well above their season averages. They were understandably blown out in their other two games (UCLA and Florida State) so it's sort of hard to tell how good they REALLY are (and the truth is it's probably somewhere in the middle.)

The same is true for Hawaii which has only played teams significant more talented than it is, and whose defense has played admirably (albeit unsustainably) for a large portion of each.

So I think that this game turns on which unit is the "truth" for each school. No matter how UH's offense does, it'll have a much easier time against Nevada than it did against Oregon State or USC. That alone should mean more rest for the defense and, no excuses about being tired. If the offense can hold its own (even if it doesnt score a lot of points), the defense should be enough to carry us home to victory. We will see.

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