Hawaii vs. Nevada Aftermath

After another tough loss to Nevada (in Reno), 9-31, Hawaii is now 0-3 and 0-1 in Mountain West play. Here are some positives from the game

Once again, the defense looked really really good. Like, if there was any speck of an offense to go with it, UH would be in the top half of the Mountain West, good. Again, the final score is really not indicative of how well they actually played, considering that the offense always loses the time of possession battle, forcing them out there for more than half of the game. With the run and shoot this was okay because they were getting scoring support. When the offense is just going three and out, or turnover, the defense doesnt get a break AND is being counted on to keep the other team from scoring. Tough call for sure.

The offense actually has weapons. We just don't really get to see them because the quarterbacks are struggling so much. Yesterday all four quarterbacks on the roster saw time, and when the were able to put the ball near the receivers, they were able to make a play on it. But too often, passes were skipped, or overthrown, or lofted as a duck into tight coverage. Still when given the chance, the receivers showed up.

Diocemy St. Juste is legit. He's small, but super shifty. He was a big spark (similar to the way Will Gregory was last year) but wore down after Nevada started loading 8 in the box against him. Then Lakalaka came in and even HE had success. Honestly towards the end of the game I started hoping that we were going to run the wishbone again. Hopefully next week is better!

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