Hawaii vs. Fresno State

#25 Fresno State comes to Aloha Stadium Saturday, to play the 0-3 Warriors (kickoff is at 6 PM HST.) But how can Hawaii possibly win?

First off, some housekeeping. Garrett Gabriel is the honorary captain at the game this week. Hopefully he's good luck (lord knows we need it.) I don't remember much about him except that he was an exciting athletic quarterback before the advent of...my generation's exciting athletic quarterbacks. Hopefully there'll be some footage of him shown at the game.

There are a lot of injures. A lot. Beau Yap, Joey Iosefa, Taylor Graham, Julian Grener, Harold Moleni, Iuta Tepa. And those are just the ones that people are focusing on. The biggest one here, obviously, is Taylor, who hurt his non-throwing shoulder. Hopefully he'll be able to play. If he cannot, however, I hope that Woosley gets into the game. He's got a nice arm and it's better to live and learn with a young guy than Schroeder, who looks the same as he always did.

This is probably Hawaii's best "rivalry" right now, and this is not lost on just about everyone here (and in Fresno). I do hope that this is a fun, productive one, and not one that devolves into screaming and obscenities and physical violence (like I've heard it sometimes does in Fresno.) We will see. There's no excuse for that kind of action, particularly here in Hawaii.

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