Hawaii vs. Fresno State

Hawaii played Fresno about as close as it possible could, without actually winning, going down 37-42 after a furious second half rally. Here are some thoughts on the game.

It kinda goes without saying, but the Hawaii vs. Fresno game was literally a tale of two halves. You didn't even have to have watched the game to know this. Fresno scored 21 in the first half. Hawaii scored 0. Fresno scored 21 in the second half. Hawaii scored 37. Hmm, I wonder which was the better half for us?

The other thing that you dont need to have watched the game to see? Sean Schroeder balled out. After Woosley through a pick 6 midway through the third, Norm saw enough and put Schroeder in, and he promptly led a TD drive. Suffice to saw, Woosley probably never gets a look again (it'll be Graham, Zwhalen or Tuileta next year.)

Hopefully this is an upward trend and not an anomally.

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