Hawaii vs. Fresno State

Hawaii played Fresno about as close as it possible could, without actually winning, going down 37-42 after a furious second half rally. Here are some thoughts on the game.

Ikaika Woosley had 56 yards passing, when he went out with 6 minutes to go in the third quarter. Which means that in 24 minutes of gametime, three receivers, Chris Gant, Vasquez Haynes and Scott Harding, EACH eclipsed that amount (Gant had 133, Haynes had 64 and Harding had 62.) So to say that the passing game was anemic is like saying Olivia Wilde is just okay (aka both massive understatements.)

What this explosion told me, however, was just how much better our talent is out wide this year. Like it's not close when compared to last season. Think about it. We saw Schroeder. We know what he can (and can't do). So why, now, is he able to put up 321 yards on just 17 completions? I mean his balls look the same. So does his propensity for holding onto the ball a little too long. And yet he was super productive.

This to me, then, speaks to a larger change in the culture at wideout. Although the two of the three leaders were returning guys who were here last year (Gant and Harding), the addition of Keith Kirkwood and Haynes in particular, has helped open up the field in a way that it was not last season. Now, they are actually open, and stretching the D (where before they were blanketed and stymied.) This has been the case all season, just that there was never anyone good enough back there throwing passes for it to be reflected in the stat sheet. Hopefully we can build on this progress moving forward.

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