Hawaii vs. Fresno State

Hawaii played Fresno about as close as it possible could, without actually winning, going down 37-42 after a furious second half rally. Here are some thoughts on the game.

The Defensive stats aren't up yet so I dont know exactly how dominant they were in the second half, but if my memory serves correctly, they had 5, (yes FIVE) turnovers in the second half. This has also been in support of what I was saying, that the Defense has given up so many points, at least in part, because the offense was so terrible.

It's not a surprise that after giving up 21 points in a first half where the offense managed less than 100 yards of offense, that after the pick 6, they gave up 0. ZERO!! The offense started scoring and the defense picked up their intensity as a result. And so all of the things that I'd been thinking were validated. It's hard to keep stopping people knowing that in three plays youre going to be headed right back out (hard and tiring). But if the offense is putting up points? Suddenly they look (and play) impenetrable. Go Defense!

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