Hawaii vs. San Jose State

Hawaii tries (once again) to finally get its first win of the season against San Jose State on October 5 at Aloha Stadium (kickoff is 6 PM HST) Here are some things we've identified as keys to the game.

It begins and ends (as it usually does) with the quarterback. For both teams. Last week we saw what even DECENT QB play can do for UH's offense. A passing attack that was less than anemic for the first three games exploded. Like letting a rabid dog off his chain and after slow-moving meat. Sean Schroeder, who couldn't complete a pass last year, suddenly looked like Colt Brennan or Nick Rolovich or Timmy Chang. He was completing long passes and getting basically everything that he wanted.

So the news today that Taylor was medically cleared to practice was music to my ears. I think. As much as I was frothing-at-the-mouth excited for him to start the season, he's looked extremely tentative in the early going. And now we see that, really all you need to do is put the ball in just the general vicinity of these guys and they'll make a play. So hopefully he was watching how successful Schroeder was, and will keep that in mind.

San Jose doesn't have this problem. Their quarterback, David Fales, has more yards passing by himself (1194) than Hawaii's 4 do as a team (998). And while his overall stats arent particularly impressive (6 TD's and 5 picks and a 58% completion percentage), Hawaii's ineptitude on offense has had a way of opening up the game for a mediocre offense to look great against a bone-tired defense. So hopefully we can put some drives together and stop Fales. We will see

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