Hawaii vs. UNLV

Hawaii gets closer and closer to its first win...but is still falling short, losing to UNLV 37-39 on a field goal as time expired. It was not without some positives though

There are no such things as moral victories, and especially not in football, but Hawaii's "take the lead with less than a minute left" followed by UNLV immediately driving down the field to kick a field goal as time expired was both encouraging and demoralizing. Still, there are positives.

Chris Gant showed up. In a big way. He had 6 catches for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns, including the short-lived go-ahead score with 1:44 remaining. But it always felt like he was more productive than just those numbers and BOTH TD's were the result of his effort (as opposed to bad defense.)

I haven't always been kind to Sean Schroeder but he played pretty decently (his TD to Billy Ray was really, REALLY nice) in spite of his normal skipping passes and inaccurate throws. 24/46 for 325 and 4 TD's with zero picks. He'll never be a star, but as long as he's not the reason we lose, we go forward having a chance.

Clark Evans continues to be a weapon at TE, expanding his role to the tune of 6 catches for 77 yards (with the bulk of them after contact.) Harold Moleni has had some tough luck with penalties and so it looks like he's firmly entrenched at the position.

If the defense and offense managed to put together a solid game at the same time, we would have won here and easily. Hopefully they can get it together next week.

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