Hawaii vs. UNLV

I've sung the defenses praises throughout the 0-5 start, contending, and quite strongly so, that their miscues were due largely to the ineffectiveness of the offense. That was not the case against UNLV

579 yards. Thats how much UH gave up at UNLV last saturday. 194 yards rushing and 385 yards passing. And this isn't to say UH's own offense was shut down. Quite the contrary. It put up a not-too-shabby 454 on its own, 129 rushing and 325 passing. And the score differential was only 2 points. So what went wrong?

Really, you only needed to look at the last drive to understand the answer to that question. Hawaii scored with 1:44 left. And in my gut I knew that was too much time. UNLV was able to run 11 plays in that time, starting from its own 26 yard line. 11 plays to get into field goal range and put the final nail in the coffin against UH. And this is where the defense really showed its holes. UH never gave up the big play (aside from one really questionably overturned call.) But it gave up a lot, a LOT of little ones. And that is concerning. You can win by giving up one or two big plays again, while playing stout the rest of the time. Where you really struggle then, is giving up 5-7 yards per play (which is what happened on that last drive.) Then, you not only get scored on, you get demoralized by doing so. If UH lets UNLV score in two plays, it has time to at least attempt to mount a comeback. Because, however, it let them gain the yardage in bunches, the clock ran and UNLV made its way down the field fairly easily. This has to change if UH is going to have a chance to finally put a win on the board sometime soon.

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