Hawaii Mid Season

It might be hard to find positives so far in 0-6. But the numbers are clear. The passing game is much improved. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself!

Last year was not a good year for UH football. Not at all. And, based just on record, this year is even worse. But how much worse is it, really? Last year we had 2,266 over the entire year. This year we have 1,709 and it's only halfway done. That puts us roughly on pace for 3,418. That's a significant improvement and not one that should go unnoticed. While the record doesn't necessary reflect it, there has been improvement here and it has made for far, far more competitive games. It's also resonated in the receivers statistics as well (duh). So while it might be easy to get down on the team, perspective at times like this is always nice. The record (and wins) will come. As long as there is improvement, that's enough for me (for now).

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