Hawaii vs. Colorado State

Again it was too little, too late for Hawaii who went down 28-35 to Colorado State on Saturday. The script was the same as it has been in recent weeks: terrible first half, furious 4th quarter rally that falls short. So what went wrong?

It's easy to point the finger at Sean Schroeder, and to an extent, that's not wrong. He continues to do mysterious things that make you scratch your head, including floating balls any and everywhere and taking sacks at the worst possible time and fumbling the ball without being touched leading to a CSU touchdown. And though the stats won't necessarily reflect it, had he played more consistently through any of the first three quarters the last 4 weeks, all could have, and at least two SHOULD have, been wins.

But then Woolsey and Taylor Graham come in and you realize that Schroeder isn't playing for any other reason than he's the best option right now. Graham has by far the best skills (which we knew in the preseason) but still seems off with his throws (clearly he doesnt know a lot of the plays that are to be run.) Woosley is himself is just too raw. I try to remind myself of this everytime I want to scream in frustration at a Schroeder mistaken. 5 games left in the season...Can we get to 1 win? Man I sure hope so....

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