Hawaii vs. Utah State

Hawaii fell to Utah State (47-10) on Saturday, dropping their record to 0-8 for the year. Will we get a win this year?

ESPN does this thing called "Rapid Reactions" after every game. And usually they're done by the home team's writers. So here we are! This game, like all the others, was disappointing and left me scrambling for positives to uncover. The easiest point is probably Tavita Woodard, who began the season as our best pro prospect and managed an interception here. At this point (0-8 and no chance for a bowl) my hope is that individuals are able to boost their own draft status. This means I'll be rooting heavily for Tavita, Scott Harding, Chris Gant, etc. At least then, we have future pros to hang our hat on.

It was also super nice to see Keith Kirkwood catch a TD, if only to build on momentum for the future. I almost wish that all three freshman had redshirted so that they didnt have to waste a year of eligibility on...this.

Finally, I know "FIRE CHOWW!!!!!" is the rallying cry for every fan, but that is absolutely not the answer to me. Aside from the fact that I think every coach should be given 4 years with which to work (an entire recruiting class) UH simply can't afford to keep firing and re-hiring coaches. The buyouts, and subsequent payments, are simply too much. If "Fire Chow" is the option that UH goes with, they are thinking far, far too short term. Coaches can turn around a program. You can never, however, recover the money that's needed to get rid of him. Time to have some faith!

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