Hawaii vs Tennessee State

Will the basketball team get a win before the football team does? Man, I sure hope so. Here's their first shot.

Here is the roster for Tennessee State, sorted by size. If things jump out at you...it should. They are fairly small which bodes well for UH, a team that struggled with two types of players last year: Super athletic wings and big men. And so at least as far as the latter, Tennessee does not have one. They also lost 3 of their 4 leading scorers from last year (returning only Patrick Miller who averaged 14.8 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.) So there are a lot of uncertainties here. Have a look for yourself!

5 Jay Harris G 5-10 170

1 Jamonte Graham G 6-1 200

2 Patrick Miller G 6-1 195

3 Jaleel Queary G 6-2 200

30 Gerald Williams G 6-2 175

23 Jordan Gaither G 6-3 170

0 Jacquan Nobles G 6-3 180

21 Rhyan Townes G 6-5 192

40 Kennedy Eubanks G/F 6-6 185

12 Ugo Mmonu F 6-7 205

34 Jaylen Reid G/F 6-7 175

32 Chaed Wellian F 6-8 190

11 Alex Bates F 6-9 235

44 Michael Green F 6-9

4 M.J. Rhett F 6-9

It appears, on paper at least, that UH matches up very well with them. Man...I'm just excited to see real basketball again. I've forgotten what winning feels like at this point.

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