Hawaii vs. Navy

I've harped a lot on stats not telling the whole story this year. But that was usually in UH's favor (the defense was not nearly as bad as the stats would indicate.) But against Navy it worked against us.

I've criticized Sean Schroeder a lot. Not always fairly. He works hard. He plays hard. He takes punishment like a man. It's not his fault that my expectations of a starting quarterback don't fit with his skill set. And to his credit, he's played outstanding over the last few weeks, not at all like the Schroeder we saw last season. And his stat line today, alone, was pretty outstanding.

He was 29-33, for 246 yards and 3 TD's (and, most importantly, no INT's.) He also took two sacks, but they weren't necessarily the killers that they have been in the past. It's just that even when he was playing super well, it never actually FELT like he was. He completed a high percentage of his passes because none travelled further than 5 yards from the line (an exaggeration of course). He also benefitted tremendously from the defense sinking 8,9, sometimes 10 guys into the box to stop Joey. What happened to all the downfield throws that we've seen in the past? And how much did Scott Harding's early exit affect him? If he can play like that every week, and take a few more chances down field, I'm hopeful we can get at least ONE win. We will see.

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