Hawaii vs Tennessee State

I wondered who would win first. The Football team, or the Basketball team. And on Friday I got my answer. 85-55 UH Basketball win.

I spent the summer watching the basketball team tear up the summer league. So I was admittedly a little apprehensive on Friday before tip off against Tennessee State. Was what I saw an accurate representation of the team's skill? Or was it simply a product of a league where people didn't try hard all the time and didn't ever play defense? The answer, I discovered to my pleasure, was the former. Hawaii is every bit as good (probably better) than I could have ever hoped.

30 point win. 85-55. And really, it wasn't that close. Halfway through the second half, Dyrbe Enos came in. Then the bench emptied soon after. All in all, 13 players on the team played and honestly, they could have won with the backups playing the whole game. Tons of turnovers, and creative shot making, from even Michael Harper, will do that for you. I have incredibly high hopes for this year. Do you?

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