Hawaii vs. Western Michigan

If there's one thing we've learned, from this season to the last, it's that good guard play is the key to the success of any team at the Division 1 Level.

Last season was a mess. It was. But this year, hope springs! 2-0 start and midnight madness game tonight to go 3-0. How will we do? Time will tell I guess.

There is a concept in football called "addition by subtraction". You see it with the Chiefs, and, on some level, with the Browns. The change from the crap KC was playing with at QB and Brandon Weeden to...anyone else took terrible, losing teams and turned them into undefeated, and maybe better than average ones. So the difference between Jace Tavita and...just about anyone else automatically meant an improvement. It's not that Jace was bad. He just had some very obvious limitations (didn't shoot, didn't really drive, couldn't really shoot free throws.) Tie that together with the fact that we actually UPGRADED (Sham, Q and Nevels are leaps and bounds ahead) and you get...the product on the court this year vs. the product that was on the court last. Finally, fun basketball!!!

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