Hawaii vs. San Diego State

Hawaii lost to San Diego State in Overtime on saturday, 28-21, continuing to remain winless on the year. But all was not lost. The Jerseys looked outstanding!

We can talk about the game later. More of the same "close, but not close enough" that we've been suffering from the last few weeks. Those Retro Jersey's though? My god they were a thing of beauty.

At first I couldnt believe my eyes. It looked literally like a throwback to my early days of watching the team. But so much more clear. As though they were upgraded while also preserving their historical aestheticism. And even moreso, they were universally praised! At a time when nothing good is being written about the school, people nationally (and, pretty much undoubtedly), feel like this was a good move by both Under Armour as well as the school. Hmm...Maybe it's time for a permanent change??

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