Ben Jay Leaves Hospital

Ben Jay, hurt Sunday night trying to break up a fight at a Wahine Basketball game against West Virginia, was released from the hospital today after being admitted Monday.

Ben Jay was hurt Sunday night while trying to break up a fight that took place after the Wahine basketball team lost a heartbreaker to West Virginia. This much you've probably already heard. And that's really a damn shame. Only about 500 people go to these games, and the fact that one idiot had to ruin it for the rest of them (including a great deal of kids) is very, very concerning. And when the Athletic Director gets hurt trying to break up the fight? Well then it becomes national news (and national embarrassment.)

Thankfully, Ben was okay, tweeting out updates and thanking people for their support.

"Home from my stay @StraubHospital. Lumbar fractures & kidney injury was more severe than back spasms. Will recuperate & work at home now."

"A big Mahalo for the great care from the doctors, specialists, nurses & aides @StraubHospital. Great professionals in patient care.

"A big Mahalo too for all of the well wishers from @RainbowWarrior & @RainbowWahine Nation. Appreciated the flowers, gift baskets & cards."

"It was an unfortunate incident Sunday, but mahalo to the many people who stepped in to help me keep peace & stop a bad act from escalating"

It was great to see that even in the face of a brutal incident, the AD was able to keep things positive and look forward to the future. He also reportedly promised to keep things light for the next three days as his wife was going to be taking care of him (Dave Reardon reported that Jay texted him and informed him that he was at Longs picking up his pain meds.) We wish him nothing but the best! Three fractured lumbars does not sound like something I'd wish on anyone. Get well soon Ben Jay!

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