Hawaii vs. Wyoming

Hawaii was involved in another close shootout, this time a 56-59 loss in OT to Wyoming moving them to 0-11. One more game to get a win. Can it be done?

1,417. That's how many yards the two teams put up. And really, it could have gone either way. Miscues on both sides led to a first half that ended 35-35 and it seemed like more often then not, the offenses were out there on their own. Chris Gant once again stood out, catching 4 TD's and a game-tying two point conversion. Hawaii was short handed as well, as Kirkwood and Kemp both didn't play and Billy Ray didn't have any impact at all.

The concerning thing here, is that after weeks and weeks and weeks of getting close, but not quite there, there is a massive concern that the team just doesn't know how to win. Clearly it's not a matter of talent discrepancy. You can't get as close as UH does without talent. But how to explain miscue after miscue that leads to the losses? And where's the urgency earlier in the game that we see in the 4th quarter? What began as a season with a lot of promise might end as the second 0-fer season in the last 20 years. And that's not something to be proud of.

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