Hawaii vs. Wyoming

1,417 yards means SOMEONE went off. For Hawaii, that someone was Sean Schroeder.

When I looked at the numbers after the game, I was taken aback. Schroeder had 499 yards? HE THREW 50 PASSES??? He completed 74% of them??? (37/50). That's mind boggling considering how terrible he was last year and his propensity for taking the big sack this year. I always say that I didnt treat him well last year in what I wrote, and this year he's quietly had some pretty decent numbers. Overall hes thrown for almost 2,700 yards, with a 2/1 TD to pick ratio and an overall QB rating of 142.3, despite having started only 8 or so games this year and the fact that he had to deal with a platoon consisting of some mix of him, Taylor and Woosley. He's benefitted from both an extra year in the system as well as a huge influx of talent out wide. Still, we need that to translate itself into a win. Big numbers can only take you so far...

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