Hawaii vs. Army

Hawaii holds on to beat Army, 49-42, for their first win of the year in the last game of the season.

It's hard for me to say how I feel about this. Sure, im glad the team, especially the seniors, got a win to end the year. But now, maybe that is just enough momentum to keep changes from being made in the offseason. Taylor Graham, my preseason pick for savior of the school, was a horrific disappointment and my once-whipping boy Schroeder turned into the next Colt Brennan (or the next Timmy Chang at least.

The offense put up over 600 total yards, including 322 through the air, and had two 100 yard rushers (Iosefa and Lakalaka) for the first time in almost 4 years. This is the system that Chow has been developing since he got here, only now its finally (FINALLY!) starting to pay some dividends. I hope he can carry this over into next season, while making some obvious defensive adjustments.

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