Misc. Football Offseason Updates

I'll try to update the site from time to time with offseason updates as the come available. Most will be directly from Stephen Tsai, and others who know stuff (I'll add things that I have direct knowledge of as well).

From Tsai: There are 199 applicants for the Rainbow Warriors' soon-to-be vacated linebacker coach's job. That number is expected to grow when HR personnel check the mailbox tomorrow. Two weeks ago, Tony Tuioti was told he would not be retained as linebacker coach after his contract expires in March. This past Friday was the first day UH officials could review the applications. There probably was a delay in some deliveries because of Christmas. (We won't mention the brown trucks.)

This is crazy to me. Not just because of the sheer number (when was the last time you heard of 199 people applying for ANYTHING) but because since when was UH even a glamour job? Let alone an assistants job? Is this how big football has become? There is no truer measure of the monster that is football than the fact that a 1-11 team can get this many (and likely more) applicants for a position that probably can't pay enough to cover rent in Hawaii. Football is love.

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