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Dispelling Internet Rumors, Benny Fonua Confirms to Stephen Tsai He's Staying at UH and Has Nowhere to Transfer.

Dispelling Internet rumors, linebacker Benneton "Benny" Fonua said he has no plans to transfer from the Rainbow Warrior football program. "I'm not leaving," Fonua said. "I'm staying." Fonua added he has "no idea" how such talk originated. Fonua, who is one of the top special-team players, is expected to have an expanded role at linebacker this coming season. - Stephen Tsai, 1/4/14

Once again Tsai has insight that pretty much no one else can get. This piece of info, however, is particularly important because of the (as the forums so aptly put it) tendency for players to want to abandon ship once it starts going down (see: Keith Shamburger at San Jose). Already there are players who have either left, or are rumored to be leaving and though this happens every year, at every program (USC regularly loses guys who hate being trapped on the depth chart), its particularly brutal here where we need all the talent we can get. Fonua wasnt really a factor this year, but lineback, especially towards the end of the year, was an obvious weakness and his athleticism is coveted, at a position that was frequently gashed on the ground. Hopefully UH can plug the leaks and keep its players here.

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